Tomatoes and Health

tomato in cambodia

Cambodian Tomatoes (Peng Pos Khmer)

Tomatoes are fruit and vegetables, which originated from South America,
with the scientific name as Lycopestium esculentum. Tomato is rich in vitamin C, so it is sour. As a long term plants, tomato is self-pollination. Succulent tomatoes, there are many different shapes such as round, flat edges, the color of the skin turns from green to yellow then red when it ripe, very attractive.

History of Tomato

Tomato has got the scientific name as Lycopestium esculentum provided by French botanist Tournefort. The name translates to ‘wolfpeach’. Because it was round and luscious and erroneously considered poisonous. The English word tomato comes from the Spanish tomatl, literally mean ‘the swelling fruit’.

The tomato is native to western South America and Central America. In 1519, its seed was brought back to Europe by a Spanish explorer, Cortez. The earliest discussion of the tomato in European literature appeared in an herbal written in 1544 by Pietro Andrea Mattioli, and Italian physician and botanist who named it pomo d’oro, means ‘golden apple’. Tomato was certainly being used as food by the early 17th century in Spain. It was grown in England in 1590s and it has arrived the Middle East in the early 19th century.

The Spanish distributed tomato throughout their colonies. They took it to Philippines, then spread to South Asia and later the entire Asia continent.

Tomato is now grown worldwide with thousand of cultivars. The edible fruits are ovary with its seeds, grow out from the flowering plant. It has lower sugar content then other fruits, thus rather than as dessert, it was served as vegetables in various cuisines all around the world in either forms raw and cooked. Tomato juice is very popular tomato proved that very beneficial for human health.

Tomatoes – “natural vitamin A”

green tomato on tree

Tomato plant in Cambodia

When ripe tomatoes are look nice with bright red color and it is used in decoration of various dishes. The red color of tomatoes is a manifestation the presence of natural vitamin A, beta carotene. Average about 100g fresh ripe tomatoes could response 13% of the daily demand of vitamin A, vitamin
B6, vitamin C, and also vitamin B1, B2. Tomato is less energy supply, should be suitable for people who need to loss weight. The trace elements in tomatoes are calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, nickel, cobalt, iodine, and also some organic acid of citrate, malat.

Depending on the environment that tomato is growing, it also contains molibden … That’s the reason why tomatoes are considered as nutritious fruit, easily digestible, strengthening the resistance of the body. Lycopene in tomatoes together with beta carotene is considered a powerful antioxidant, preventing cancer cells, even against blood clots in the blood vessels. Thus, the substance lycopene and beta carotene in tomato will help slow the aging and prevent cancer.

Modern medical said that tomatoes can be used to treat disorders metabolic salt, hepatitis, cirrhosis, obesity, delay the aging process and cancer prevention. The research of Harvard University which follow up the diet habits of nearly 90,000 nurses, found that women who eat fruits and vegetables contain natural vitamin A, the risk of rupture Cerebrovascular is lower than those who ate food less of vitamin A. This is due to the presence of natural vitamin A to prevent cholesterol accumulation on vessel that have helped avoided the accidental cerebral.

The Cure of Some Diseases Using Tomato

Tomatoes receipt, health benefit of tomatoes

Stir Fry Green Tomatoes with Beef, Khmer Style

Chinese traditional medical masters said that tomato is neutral, sour and slightly sweet, has effect of release the heat, detoxification, blood wages, increased brain innovation, against thirst, urination and easy digestion. Below is the cure of some diseases using tomatoes.

– High fever and very thirsty: pour boiling water into 200g sliced tomatoes, drink it instead of tea during the day, cold or hot drinks are preferable. Or use tomato juice together with watermelon juice, each 200ml, divide into 2 or 3 doses a day.

– Treating chronic hepatitis: 250mg washed tomatoes, finely pieces, 100g sliced beef, stir fried and serve every day. This dish supports well the treatment of chronic hepatitis, help your body recover faster.

– Treating high blood pressure, retinal hemorrhage: early morning (when the stomach is empty), take 1 or 2 tomatoes, washed with boiling water, cut into small pieces, add some sugar and eaten raw. Each treatment course lasts 15 days, then off for 3 days, before starting the next course.

– Cure pimples or acne: get the shoot of tomato tree, finely crushed, add a little of salt, then apply at the effected area and bandage. Do like this several times per day until it become well. Or cooked tomatoes with oil or fat until all water drained, then use as an ointment to apply the areas of pimples, sores ulcers.

– Cure stomach ulcers: tomato juice and potato juice of 150ml each, mix well and drink in the morning and evening daily.

– Treating anemia: green tomatoes peeled off the skin, finely sliced into small slices, mixed with honey, serve 2 to 3 times daily, 1 or 2 tomatoes per serving.

– Cure bleeding teeth root: eat raw tomatoes 3-4 times, 1-2 tomatoes per serving, eat within two weeks will see the result.

– Cure injury burned by fire: take the tomato skin that attached some flesh cover on the burning injury, replace new one often. It has the effect of anti-burning and skin irritation rebounded.

– Treating mouth ulcers: absorb tomato juice several times a day, each time 4-5 minutes. And if the mouth become dry and sore tongue, drink 150ml tomato juice mix with 20ml sugar cane juice  two times per day.

Tomatoes – natural “sunscreen”

green tomatoes

Green tomatoes – a variety of tomatoes

The British scientists said tomatoes could be a new weapon of the ladies in the battle between skin and sun. The dermatologist at the University of Newcastle and the University Manchester carried out tests on the skin of 20 people.
Initially the volunteers exposed to UV – a component of sunlight. Then another half of the volunteers are asked to eat 55g tomato smoothie with 10g olive oil every day. Another half of volunteers eat only olive oil.

After 12 weeks, the group of volunteers were allowed to exposure to ultra-violet light again. The results showed that the skin of whom ate tomatoes contain pro-collagen, which the level of reversing the aging process of skin is higher. In addition, the level of UV tattoo in this group was also lower than 33% compared with no-eating-tomato group.

Professor Lesley Rhodes, dermatologist at the University of Manchester said the amount of tomatoes that volunteers get into the body is not much, but has made significant impact. “People should not think that tomatoes can replace the sunscreen cream, but they can play a complementary role. If we regularly eat tomatoes for years, working of this fruit will be great for your skin, ” he said.

According to Professor Lesley Rhodes, exposure to ultraviolet makes the body produce too much oxygen species causing resistance – the capable molecule of destroying the important structure of the skin. They can cause various bad effects for the skin, including skin cancer and early wrinkles. Tomato contains lycopene – a powerful antioxidant. It has ability to neutralize or stop the harmful molecules. Lycopene is the red pigment in some fruits and red vegetables. This pigment appears most in dishes with well cooked tomato.

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