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Ganesha Statue at Sen Monorom Park

Ganesha Statue at Sen Monorom Park, Phnom Penh

Another new park in Phnom Penh, Sen Monorom Park, has been inaugurated on Feb 02, 2012 by Phnom Penh’s governor H.E Kep Chuk Tema.

The park location is at the intersection of Russian Blvd and Monivong Blvd where formerly a gas station was. It took more than four months to complete the project with the spending of about 111,793 USD. There are four sugar palm trees and four snay trees were planted in the park with many other flowering plants. Six light poles were installed to provide nice view for the park at night. The area of which the park has been constructed is within the administration area of the government. The Russian Blvd is the main road that all the delegations to Cambodia have to pass by. So the purpose of setting up Sen Monorom Park is to enhance the good look of Phnom Penh city, especially when Cambodia becomes the host country for the soon coming ASEAN Submit 2012.

Ganesha statue in Phnom Penh Park

Statue of Ganesha in Sen Monorom Park, Phnom Penh

The special and uniqueness of Sen Monorom Park is containing a statue of Ganesha, a Hindu God symbolizes intellect, wisdom, and good fortune. The statue is 7.2 m high (including the pedestal), facing west, and was erected in the middle of Sen Monorom Park. The statue is made of pure grey-stone delivered from Preah Vihear province. Ganesha is sculpted in standing with four hands, in the style of Angkorian architecture. Two hands raise up to his ears hold a conch shell and a discus, the other two front hands hold a lotus bud and a bowl of sweet meat, his favorite food. It’s a surprise to the citizen of Phnom Penh to see the statue of Ganesha. There has no any release of the reason why Ganesha was choosen to be in the park. However, it’s believed that God Ganesha will bring good fortune, happiness, and prosperity to Cambodians, especially bring peace for the country.

Sen Monorom Park Phnom Penh

Sen Monorom Park – Phnom Penh

At the day of inauguration, senior monks are invited to perform ceremony as the Buddhist tradition, but there are other process may also follow the Hindu tradition. People may find it strange to have a statue of Hindu God in a country of Buddhist. However, Cambodia was a country has had its development at peak under Hinduism until the 14th century. Even though the state religion of Cambodia is Buddhism, the culture and tradition in various ceremonies are still the practice of Hinduism. Especially Khmer art and architecture are effected from Angkor period when Cambodia fully worship Hindu Trinity.

Sen Monorom Park Phnom Penh

Sen Monorom Park with Phsar Thmey in the background