angkor wat temple is a tomb

Angkor Wat Temple Is The Tomb of King Suryavarman II

Is Angkor Wat temple being a tomb?

Many people who used to visit or hear about Angkor Wat temple always ask themselves this question. Angkor Wat Temple is the world largest religion monument which is located in Siem Reap Cambodia. The temple claimed as the most beautiful UNESCO world heritages in March 2013. How could the beautiful temple be a tomb?


Angkor Wat Temple taken from the right library

According to a Chinese writer, Zhou DaQuan, who visited Angkor in the late 13th century, he wrote a book about the Angkor Thom capital city and the living of Khmer citizens in Angkor era. He mentioned in his book that at the south of Angkor Thom city about 1km, there was a big tomb but not pointed the tomb of whom. As we could see in the recent day, Angkor Wat is about 1km south of Angkor Thom. So the tomb which Zhou DaQuan said is clearly Angkor Wat Temple.

Rumors added that during Cambodia was under French colonial, French researchers had conducted research at the temple. As the result, they found a deep hole which leads to secret rooms under Angkor Wat where the ancient stone coffin was found.



Locals said that French took back to their country many valuable things from there and put the rock to block that hole. Is that true?

As we could see Angkor Wat in the recent day, there is also a hole at Angkor Wat temple. It’s the way down or not, we are unclear.

Another reason that Angkor Wat temple is considered a tomb is the orientation of Angkor Wat and the galleries of Angkor Wat. As we knew Angkor Wat temple is facing west. In Hinduism and also Khmer traditional the tomb usually faced to the west. Why tomb must be facing west? This probably of the sunset is always set on the west and we regard the human who was died as the sunset which cannot be survived after died. The galleries of Angkor Wat temple must be seen from right to left. Usually, we always walk from left to right as the clockwise. But in Hindu or Khmer funeral ceremony, people are always walking from right to left as the galleries of Angkor Wat temple, the story is told from right to left.

If Angkor Wat temple is a tomb, so is it a tomb of whom?

Angkor Wat Temple is very beautiful when the light of sunset shine on the temple. The temple is strange than others temple by its facing toward west.

According to Khmer history, Angkor Wat temple was built in the early of 12 century by King Suryavarman II. The king reunited the kingdom by defeated two kings Dharanindravarman I (unclear where he was reigned) and Narabadindravarman who was reigned at Angkor. King Suryavarman II built Angkor Wat temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in Hinduism and probably to be his owned tomb. In this case means after he died he would stay in heaven with Lord Vishnu.
In conclusion, Angkor Wat temple must be the tomb of King Suryavarman II.