Moha Phearata (Mahabharata) Part II

Moha Phearata (Mahabharata) Part II

The Pandavas won the hand of Draupati

Soon later with worry about the throne, Duryodhana persuaded his father to banish Pandavas away from Hastinapura to live in Vornaport, where he ordered to built house for them. This was a very difficult decision for Dhritarashtra. After though, Dhritarashtra decided to asked Pandavas to live in Vornaport. Even though they knew about Dhritarashtra’s purpose and couldn’t complain, Kunti and her sons agreed to leave. Vidura, who was Kunti’s brother-in-law and uncle of Pandavas, follow them until they arrived suburb. Vidura whispered to Yudhisthira that the house at Vornaport was built with a mysterious hole which they could escape in danger. Pandavas were welcome warmly from people at Vornaport. Yudhisthira and Bhima rush to prepare a plan to escape by finding five man’s corpse and one female corpse to keep in their house. Whenever there was fire, Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana might thought that those were their corpses and that was a successful plan. Pandavas escaped and walked across many rivers and forest. All of them were very tired except Bhima, who had great energy as elephant. He carried his mother on his hand, Yudhisthira and Arjuna on his shoulders, and the twin brothers he put on his thighs. Then they continued the journey until they reached a cottage of a hermit and decided to stay there.

One day, Pandavas had got a news from Trovbot, king of Panchala (Banhchol) kingdom, celebrate a husband selecting ceremony for his beautiful daughter. Kunti understood about her sons’ feelings and it was time for them to choose wife. Pandavas arrived Panchala and invited hermit named Thomatya for helping them to become a Brahman family. There was many people participated in this ceremony and most of them were princes and Brahmans including Krishna and his brother Pulream as presides. Only Krishna could identify Pandavas. Duryodhana and Tuhasana failed in pulling the arc string test. Next turn was for Karna, he was going to show his strength, but he was interrupted by Draupati that she wouldn’t marry a person who come from Sotra class. No one passed in this bow drawing test. At last Arjuna in dressing as Brahman, decided to show his strength under teasing from the King group but supporting from hermits and Brahmans. Arjuna drew a bow straight to the target, and he has won in this competition. After saw Arjuna drew the bow, Draupati brought flower band dress on this young hermit. The ceremony ended, Pandavas brought Draupati to their cottage without knowing that Krishna and Pulream were chasing them. (There was once in her former life, Draupati prayed to Shiva for a husband. While she was praying, Shiva appeared to her but she didn’t know and continued praying for 4 more times, until she knew him stand nearby. For this reason, Traubot agreed to let his daughters marry with Pandavas and the wedding ceremony was prepare by Vyasa and Tauvmyas)

The information of a living of Pandavas spread out to Hastinapura. Bhishma and Drona asked to invite them back to the city by discussing with Dhritarashtra to divided the Kingdom into two parts. Dhritarashtra retained the eastern and richer portion with its ancient capital Hastinapura. And the Pandavas were given the western portion, which was then a forest and a wilderness. The Pandavas cleared the forest and built a new capital Indra-prastha, the view there was very wonderful could be compare to the Indra homeland.

Once at this new city, Narata, who was the hermit in the heaven appeared in front of Pandavas brothers and gave some advice about their wife. He told them that they could become enemies if they couldn’t solve this problem. Finally, they promised to each other that during the time Draupati being with one of them, the others could not allow to stay closely to her. If anyone broke the promise, he would be exiled into the forest living a life a Brahman. But then one day, while Yudhisthira were with Draupati, Arjuna broke promise by entering her room. Because he needed to take his bow to help Brahman arresting robber who steal his cow. Honestly, Arjuna decided to leave, even no one complain about his fault. Arjuna crossed Kongkea river and met Oulupi, then continue to Kalinga which have a very long coastal before he arrived Manipour. At there Arjuna marred Chatrangkut and stay there until his wife gave birth to his baby. With agreement of Chatrangkut, Arjuna continued his journey to the southern until he reached Krishna’s capital, Tvaraka. At there Arjuna married Krishna’s sister, Sopatra. After his one year exile was end, Krishna and his wife back to Indreprosth. Draupati and Kunti were very happy to see Arjuna came back with Sopatra.

Once day Pandavas brothers accompanied by Krishna decided to take a trip to Yakmonea river. Krishna and Arjune walked away from others and met a Brahman who was begging food. Both kings agreed to share him their foods, but immediately the Brahman transformed to his real physical and announced himself as Preah Akki ( God of Fire). He told them that he didn’t eat food as human does, but he just want to fire Khandava forest, which was protected by Indra, for his food. Preah Akki asked both kings to accomplished the promise. Krishna and Arjuna requested him to give them a horse cart which could not be destroyed by his flame, speed fast as wind and a bow with uncountable arrows.

After heard Krishna and Arjuna said that, Preah Akki found Preah Phirun (God of Rain) and asked him for helped. Preah Phirun lent him Preah Soam cart and Gandiva bow which could handle all kinds of weapon with Chakra Soraksanak which formed as a cart circle. Preah Akki came back to Krishna and Arjuna with things they requested. Krishna and Arjuna answered to Preah Akki with smiling that: “Khandava forest was yours, please fulfill your hunger”. Krishna and Arjuna went to stand outside circumference with flame burning brightly. Immediately, the clouds became dark and rained. Saw that Arjuna lift up the bow and drew, the magic bow spread out many arrows ran fast to the sky became a roof covered the fire from the rain. Indra was fighting back with his son and Krishna by made many thunders to break the roof but Arjuna’s weapon completely destroyed Indra’s weapons. During that time, Krishna accomplished Preah Akki second wish that not to let any dragons or any giants alive. The forest had been fired for 10 days until Preah Akki fulfill his hunger. The fire destroyed everything to be ashes except Moya, Danava, many kinds of birds and dragon named Arsvasana who could escaped from fire. As the gratitude to Arjuna who saved him from fire, Moya built an assembly building for Yudhisthira. From year to year, Yudhisthira’s Kingdom became stronger. Pandavas declare themselves to be the strongest Kingdom. They decided to fight against Jarasandha, the powerful and semi-civilised king of Magadha, controlled a large part of territory. Finally, Krishna, Bhima, and Arjuna decided to kill Jarasandha, then transformed themselves as Brahman and appointed Sahasdevas, son of Jarasandha, to be a king of Magadha. After making relationship with Magadha, they celebrated the ceremony in assembly building with guests from everywhere.

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