Life of Buddha – Part I

The Early Age of Buddha

Mahamaya is a queen of King Sothothanak (Suddhodhana), who governed at Kapilavatthu Kingdom. There was once she dreamed a small white elephant flying from the sky and wandered around her for three rounds. Finally he disappeared into her abdomen. It’s not too long from that night dreaming, she was pregnant.

Though her delivery date to her son was near, queen Mayamaya wished to visit her king father before giving birth to her son. So by permission from her king husband, she started the journey toward her father palace located at the foot of Himalayas mountain.

Just as soon as she arrived Lumbini, her king father’s country, she saw a tree called Ashoka (India name) or Sal Preuk (Khmer name) near by the road. Without hesitated, she stopped the parade and walked toward the tree. Suddenly, the tree bended one of its branch to be near her hands, and she was holding it. With miracle and marvelous power, the queen give birth to her son. Right after the prince was born, he raised his hands to the sky and walk for seven steps with lotus blooming spontaneously sunder his steps. The prince was born on the full moon day of Visak month (the 5th month of Luna calendar).

Queen Mahamaya gave birth to prince Siddhartha in Lumbini under Sala tree.

After back to her kingdom, all the Brahmans in the palace started to predict about the future of the prince. One of them said: ” When the prince grows up, if he wants to be a king, he would be the best king. But if he wants to be in the priesthood, he would become a holy man who would teach the world.” By his prediction, the prince was given a name called Siddhartha Gautama, which means who can be succeed in everything. After seven days of his birth, the queen had passed away. The duty of taking care the price was offered to his aunt.

The king was afraid of what the Brahman said could become true, he tried to direct his son’s life to be a king. He built huge and luxury buildings and provided the prince with valuable things, and prevented him from seeing the realities of illness, old age and mortality. One day, the king was very surprised to see his son meditating in the garden under the rose-apple tree. His face was smiling, showing deeply in meditation. The miracle thing was the shadow of the rose-apple tree followed the sun to keep the prince out of sunlight.

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