Kings in Longvek Period

After Angkor period, the capital city of Cambodia were moved between three places on each reign of the Kings. They were Longvek, Oudong, and Chaktomuk (present day Phnom Penh), with 40 Kings and 2 Queens reigned until 1941. During this period, many provinces of Cambodia were lose and no more great temples were built, though there are some architectures remaining on Oudong mountain and some parts in Longvek, Toul Basan (Kampong Cham) as the places have been capital of Cambodia. Below is a list of Kings who reigned in Lungvek and Tol Basan period (1394-1603).

1. Borum Reachea II (King Ponhea Yat), son of King Srey Soryavong. Reigned from 1394 till 1463. The capital city was moved from Yaksaotha Borak in Angkor to Toul Basan (present day Kampong Cham province), and later moved to Phnom Penh in 1434. The main reason to move the city from Angkor is to void the disturbance from Siam. And it was moved to Phnom Pend is because of the flood in Toul Basan.

2. Noreay Reachea I, was the son of Borum Reachea II, reigned after his father from 1463 till 1469 at Phnom Penh.

3. Srey Reachea (1469-1485) at Phnom Penh, he was the son of Borum Reachea II too.

4. Srey Soryatey (1475-1485) at Toul Basan. He was the son of Noreay Reachea I. In his reign Cambodia was separated into two parts, as another part was reigned by Srey Reachea at Phnom Penh.

5. Srey Thomareachea I (1486-1504), son of Borom Reachea II. He reigned after the intervention from Vietnam and Siam. Both Srey Reachea and Srey Soryatey were arrested to Ayuthya, Thailand.

6. Srey Sokunthabot or Chao Punheadamkhat Reachea (1504-1512) at Toul Basan. He was Srey Thomareachea’s son.

7. Srey Chethathireach or Sdach Korn (1512-1525). He was a king who reigned by revolution. In his reign, he moved the city to three places, first at Toul Basan, then Chanlork Dontey, and last was at Srorlorb Pichey where he was defeated by Borum Reachea III.

8. Borum Reachea III or Chao Punhea Chan Reachea (1516-1566), reigned at Pursat and Longvek. He was the son of Srey Thomareachea I.

9. Borum Reachea IV or Borumunda Reachea, son of Borum Reachea III. Reigned from 1566 till 1576 at Longvek.

10. Borum Reachea V or Satha I (1576-1595) at Longvek. His father was Borum Reachea IV.

11. Chey Chetha I was the son of Borum Reachea V, reigned at Longvek (1586-1594)

12. Preah Ream Cherng Prey (1594-1596) in Toul Basan, reigned after he won the battle with Siam at Longvek.

13. Borum Reachea VI (1596-1599), son of Borum Reachea V. The city was at Toul Basan.

14. Borum Reachea VII or Punhea Orn, son of Borum Reachea IV, reigned at Toul Basan from 1599-1600.

15. Keofear I or Chao Punheanhom, son of Borum Reach V, reigned at Toul Basan, then moved to Phnom Penh. His reigned for three years (1600-1603).

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