Khmer New Year 2014 – Year of Horse

Cambodian New Year 2014

Khmer New Year or Cambodian New Year always celebrated in April every year for three days. It’s can be on April 13-14-15 or April 14-15-16 depend on the calculation of Moha Sangkran.

Khmer New Year 2014 will be celebrated on April 14-15-16, the year of horse (2558 BE), started from April 14, 2014.

New Year Angel of the Horse Year 2558 BE

Khmer new year 2014 is started on Monday,  so the angel for the year 2558 BE is Koraka Tevy (គោរាគៈទេវី), the second daughter of Kabil Moha Prum. Her hair is adorn with Angkeabos flower hairpin. She carries a sword (ខ័ន្ធ) with her right hand and a cane (ឈើច្រត់) at the left. Her vehicle is tiger. Her favorite food is cooking oil.

The Khmer new year angel of 2014 will be arrived on April 14, 2013 at 8:07 am morning.

khmer new year 2014

Moha Sangkran 2014

What are the offering to welcome the new year angel?

The offerings in command are simple:

  1. 5 incense sticks, 5 candle (ទៀន៥ធូប៥)
  2.  A pair of decorated young banana tree (ស្លាធម៍កូនចេក១គូ)
  3. 3 kinds of fruits, each kind prepared into 2 trays
  4. Small jasmine flower braids to put on every offering
  5. And the special offering for Koraka Tevy is her favorite food, cooking oil (តេលំ)

Beside those required offerings, you can prepare as many other offerings as you like such as: candy, cokes, biscuits, milk, etc. wish all of you a new coming year, Year of horse, full with happiness, healthy, wealthy, lucky, and safety all the time.


Happy Khmer New Year 2014

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